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Smooth Criminals

Smooth Criminals: The Series

Smooth Crinimals is a brand new series that we will add to our collection in 2024. This year we choose to go all-in on Smoothie Sours. The demand for sours and in particular Smoothie Sours is growing rapidly and we want to broaden our horizons. You can count on incredibly thick beers in which you can stand a spoon upright.

Smooth Criminals: Delicious Smoothie Sours

Our fruited sours draw inspiration from well-known cocktails. We started with a fairly simple basic recipe for our sours and then packed them with 310 grams of fruit per liter! Our Smoothie Sours are very accessible due to the accessible alcohol percentage of 6.0%. They are delicious fresh beers that you cannot resist. You would almost forget that you are drinking beer.

What is a Smoothie Sour?

What exactly is a smoothie sour? A smoothie sour is essentially a beer that starts with a sour beer base and adds large amounts of unfermented fruit puree to create a mouthfeel, taste and appearance similar to fruit smoothies. We think this new beer style is indicative of the industry, but we also understand that hard-core beer lovers may have: give me beer with beer flavor.

We expect to brew a delicious series especially for a whole new group of connoisseurs. Perhaps even for people who have never had a beer before and are introduced to a new way of enjoying it.

Smooth Criminals editions have already been published

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