Event overview

Events Brouwcafé Breda

  • Every 1st Wednesday: Pubquiz

  • 1 March - Tap Take Over To Øl (DK)

  • 5 April - Tap Take Over Salikatt (NO)

  • 1 June - Frontaal Fest (exclusively for investors)

  • 7 September - Frontaal's Beer festival: Brewda

Events Frontaal Little Bar Utrecht

  • Every Wednesday - Smash Burgers

  • Every Thursday - Bottleshare with Little Beershop (Don't bring your own)

  • Every Friday - Frontaal VrijMiBo - Weekly beer release

  • 29th February until the 4th March- Café Theater Festival

  • 5th until the 7th April - TTO Salikatt (NO)

  • 27th April - Kingsday


Brewda Brouwerij Frontaal


Have questions about upcoming events or do want to invite us to an event? Please send an email to event manager Kikki: kikki@brouwerijfrontaal.nl

Would you like to reserve a table for one of the above events? Send an email to brouwcafe@brouwerijfrontaal.nl or make a reservation via the pop-up at the bottom right of this website.