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Frontaal Core Range

In 8 years we have been able to brew quite a few beers. And it turns out: Practice makes perfect. And that art is in great demand. Various beers turned out to be so good and accessible that the demand for them increased so explosively that it was a logical choice to start producing a number of beers on a permanent basis. This has become our core range. Characteristics of our Core Range beers? Always freshly brewed, always in stock and therefore always available to order in our Frontaal webshop.

What is our Core Rage?

Juice Punch

After we started with Juice Punch V1 in 2017, we decided to stop the "V-Series". We've made 13 versions, all New England IPAs (NEIPA) with an ABV of 5.8%, so we know what this beer is like at its best! The jury of The Dutch Beer Challenge agrees, because Juice Punch has been awarded a gold medal in 2022 and a silver medal in 2023. For those who are not yet familiar with the Juice Punch, expect a perfect balance between bitters, fruitiness and lots of tropical fruit!

Double Juice Punch

What's better than 1 Juice Punch: two Juice Punch of course. We think you can never have too much of a good thing, so why not double down? This Double Juice Punch is full of the juicy flavors you're used to, but with a little more punch! This thicker, stronger version of the Juice Punch has the perfect balance between bitter and a load of tropical fruity flavors. Double Juice Punch is a popular beer among many beer lovers.

Juice Punch 0.5

After the success of our Juice Punch, we are launching a non-alcoholic version of our classic this year. Just as tropical and just as fresh. Prior to this beer we also brewed three different versions, the V1, V2 and V3. Version 1 and version 2 were both released to see what the public thinks. Ultimately, the Juice Punch O.5 V1 has become Frontaal's definitive alcohol-free NEIPA.

Kia Ora

Cheers, beer lover! Are you ready to go on a flavor adventure to the beauty of hop country New Zealand? Then Kia Ora New Zealand IPA (NZ IPA) with an alcohol content of 5.5% is the beer you should not miss. At Frontaal Brewing Company we love New Zealand hops. We have captured our love for this southern pearl in our core range.

Bull Dog

Bulldog IPA 6.0% has rich notes of citrus, pine and tropical fruit, thanks to the hops used - Cascade, Centennial, Citra and Mosaic. The subtle malty character from Barley Malt, Wheat Malt and Flaked Oats gives this beer a medium bitter body. The bitterness of 35 IBU adds a perfect balance to the taste experience.


Rhodesian is a beer that has been in our collection since the very beginning of Frontaal. Like all other core range beers at the time (Author, Billiard, Tankard and Bulldog), the beer owes its name to an old-fashioned type of pipe.

White Simmie

At Frontaal Brewing Company everything revolves around a passion for beer. Simcoe, our brewery dog, has starred in her own one-off beers several times. But White Simmie is different. It's not just any beer; it is a tribute to Simcoe and an ode to the brewing process that makes this Witbier so special.

Blonde Simmie

Frontaal Brewing Company proudly presents the Blonde Simmie, together with Witte Simmie, the latest addition to the Core Rage of Brouwerij Frontaal. Simcoe, our loyal brewery dog, has now conquered her place in both our wheat beer and Blonde Simmie. Discover the story behind this special beer that immortalizes our 'Simmie'. From now on you can always take a sip and toast with Simmie!

Core Range Beer boxes from Frontaal

Be surprised with a beer package and discover all our beers. We have put our entire core range in a Frontaal Box with a nice glass. Fantastic to give and even better to receive ;).