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Piece of Cake: The Series

Welcome to our Piece of Cake series, where we not only brew beer, but also perfect the art of serious enjoyment. At Frontaal Brewing Company we take our beer seriously, but not so much ourselves. So ditch the ties and prepare for a tasty adventure. Piece of Cake is, loosely translated, something very easy, making this beer is certainly not. Our Pastry Stouts and the flavors are selected very carefully. Only the best flavors end up in our pastry stouts.

Piece of Cake is not just any stout, it is a bit like a voyage of discovery, but without the compass. Each edition is like a new Pastry Stout of your favorite dessert, but with more foam and fewer cliffhangers. We don't promise you a romantic plot, but we do promise an affair with flavors you won't soon forget. We dare to make a Pastry stout from all cakes, pastries and desserts. Oh yes, but before we get to the real recipe, we start with a brainstorm and a table full of sweets.

Piece of Cake: The Choice of Pastry or Dessert

We have already reviewed quite a few flavors - from Sachertorte with cherries and whipped cream in #1 and Spekkoek in number 2. To make it even crazier, we experimented by also placing Piece of Cake #1 on Barrels and then in to make our latest new edition an edition with Red Velvet Cake. And although we know that these types of texts are usually not read very well, we hereby give a hint to our latest edition: Tompouce.

What is a pastry stout?

What exactly is a pastry stout? Well, imagine a stout and a dessert taking a road trip together. They stop at chocolate factories, vanilla farms and even visit the local bakery for inspiration. The result? A beer that tastes like it came straight from your grandmother's kitchen, but with a good dash of alcohol in it.

In every glass of Piece of Cake comes a sweet temptation, and the flavors come together for a party in your mouth. So what are you waiting for? Skip the calories in your dessert and enjoy Piece of Cake - where beer and sweets come together for an unforgettable wedding. Cheers! 🍰🍻

Piece of Cake editions:

  • Piece of Cake #1 - Will never be back in stock

  • Piece of Cake #1 B.A.

  • Piece of Cake #2

  • Piece of Cake #3

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