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Beer Boxes: Discover the Perfect Flavor Experience

Beer boxes offer a unique and diverse flavor experience that appeals to beer lovers around the world. We at Frontaal are always on the lookout to create the best beer boxes. Sometimes we do this based on beer styles, and other times for special occasions. Whether you're a connoisseur or just beginning to explore the world of Frontaal beer, beer boxes bring a flavorful journey to your doorstep. In brief, you will discover everything you need to know about beer boxes here, from the various types to how to choose the best box for you.

Types of Beer Boxes

If you're new to the world of beer, there are special boxes curated to introduce you to different styles. For example, try our Frontaal box with 12, 24, or 36 beers. These boxes often contain lighter beers with a wide flavor profile, allowing you to discover your preferences. But we also have other boxes that will truly challenge your palate!

For experienced connoisseurs and Frontaal fans, we offer our beer subscription: the Beer Club. Our Beer Club includes all the beers we launch, from barrel-aged beers to our latest Collabs. Each and every one of our beer boxes contains craft beers.

Benefits of Beer Boxes

Beer Tasting from Home: One of the greatest advantages of our beer boxes is that you can explore the world of Frontaal without leaving your home. Of course, you're welcome at our brewery cafe in Breda or at Frontaal Little Bar, but with our beer boxes, you can enjoy the best at home. Carefully curated selections are delivered directly to your doorstep, allowing you to savor beers you might not try otherwise. For instance, be surprised by our Craft Beer Box, which is entirely created by us. The contents are a surprise. The absolute bestseller is our Hoppy Box, which contains our best IPA's. Did you know Frontaal is known by the high quality IPA's we create?

Exclusive Beers: Some beer boxes include exclusive and limited edition beers that are not available in regular stores. Often, we do not distribute all our beers to our bottle shops or supermarkets. We keep these exclusively for our customers in the webshop. This means you have access to unique flavors and brews available only to you.

How to Choose the Right Beer Box?

  1. Taste Preferences: Consider the beer flavors that most appeal to you. If you like hoppy IPAs, go for our Hoppy Boxes. If you prefer heavier beers, choose our Dark Boxes. If you're a fan of our "For the Love of Hops" series, order the series box. Or opt for our New Zealand IPA box with beers featuring New Zealand hops. From rich stouts and Barrel Aged to refreshing pilsners, choose a box that matches your taste.

  2. Quantity: Do you enjoy Frontaal beers by yourself, or are you ordering the beer box for a home tasting? If you're uncertain, go for the medium size. Simply consider how many beers you typically consume over a weekend. If that's around 2 to 3 in an evening, we recommend ordering a box of 24. If your partner joins in, get a box with 36 fantastic Frontaal beers.

  3. Budget: Determine your budget for beer boxes. There are options for every budget, from affordable starter boxes to luxury selections.

  4. For Yourself or as a Gift? Are you looking for a beer box as a gift, and you want to stay within a budget? Choose the Frontaal Gift Pack, and for less than 25 euros, you'll have a beautiful beer box with a free tumbler. Of course, you can also treat yourself to a beer box!

Ordering and Enjoying Beer Boxes

When you're ready to order your perfect beer box, simply choose one of our beer boxes. We ensure fast and secure delivery, so you can soon enjoy your favorite beers. Treat yourself or surprise a friend with a beer box gift. Whichever option you choose, you'll undoubtedly enjoy a fantastic flavor experience.

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