€ 2.849.250,-



Goal € 2.500.000,-

Dream € 4.000.000,-


Thanks for being part of Frontaal!

Brouw jij verder mee uit?

A crazy time awaits us. We are moving into our location at The Bay. Because we can build the brewery and premises from scratch, this is the perfect time to invest in the continued, sustainable growth of Frontaal.

With an eye to the future, we will be investing heavily in sustainability. For example, the new brewery is completely gas-free, 22,000m2 of solar panels have been installed, we are investing in heat recovery and we are investing in our own cask park and the development of alcohol-free beer.

You have the chance to be part of that! Together with you, we will go for a fully sustainable brewery and invest heavily to keep up with growth. To finance this, we will again make certificates on shares available in the brewery. 

This means that your investment is not a loan but a real share in a brewery. What will you get in return? Besides your reward for your investment, you will share in the profits and be invited to our annual festival, exclusively for co-owners. As the cherry on top, you will be co-owner of Frontaal Brewing Company!

Why become

an investor?

Why become an investor of Frontaal Brewing Company:

  1. Every year we organize Frontaal Fest to which you and a +1 are invited. During this day we give you insight into our figures and inform you first about our future plans - while enjoying a beer, of course.

  2. From €250 you will receive an extra reward: You will be the first to receive the exclusive Frontaal coffee blend.

  3. On top of that, for every € 1,000 you invest, you will receive one month of Beerclub. So if you buy shares for € 3,000, you'll receive our new beers right on your doorstep for three months. So do you suffer from FOMO? Then invest and avoid it!

  4. As a co-owner you enjoy many benefits, such as regular discounts in our webshop, pre-orders of actions or receive a free beer at one of our events.

  5. And last but not least: you have a share and are therefore co-owner of one of the most innovative and fastest growing breweries in the Netherlands.

Want to know more? Download the prospectus here.

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